Books B4 Ball

All Wizkids student athletes are required to meet scholastic and behavioral requirements in school before they can play ball.  Study hall, tutoring, mentoring and college and high school tours are a part of the Wizkids curriculum.   Report cards and progress reports are checked regularly.

"Books B4 Ball"
Through the use of basketball, program participants are taught the importance of goal setting, focus, and drive. They receive positive reinforcement and encouragement from their peers and staff. The program emphasizes that athleticism is not the only important skill. Emphasis is placed on how each child works within a team and as an individual in accomplishing goals.
Most importantly, the program staff works individually and in a group setting to assist youth who typically do not seek help through traditional means. These children can sometimes fail to attend school and are uncertain about their future. Statistics show that youth ages 13-18 believe in varying degrees that their voices go unheard and/or their needs go unacknowledged. The staff provides these children with guidance and a receptive ear – reinforcing a positive goal-oriented approach to what obstacles they may face daily.

Since our student athletes must maintain a certain average we hold weekly study hall and tutoring session for all of our athletes. 
In conjunction with Servants of All our student athletes participate in an annual college bus trip to colleges in various parts of the country. 
Our coaches use their many life experiences to mentor our student athletes and become lifelong mentors to our players.