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Best Videos

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  1. Foot work is foundation
    Foundation is always key to making a creation. We always "start from the ground up" Here's how we develop our student-athletes' foundation/footwork.
  2. Defensive Reaction Drill
    Watch Coach Mezzy in action as she leads the Intermediate session through a defensive sliding drill.
  3. 11th Grade Nationals Award Ceremony 3rd place
    This is the Medal Ceremony when our 11th Grade team captured 3rd place at the AAU National Championships in Florida.
  4. 1800-dial-a-jumpshot
    Coach D. Brown trains three student athletes in developing their form shooting and jump-shots. Coach Brown calls it 1800-dial-a-jumpshot.
  5. Wiz Kids Basketball Clinic Advanced Session Workout
    Take a glimpse at some of Coach Mugsy's conditioning workouts
  6. Wiz Kids Basketball Clinic Beginner's Session Warm-up
    Every practice starts with a stretch and a warm-up, here's how we get our student-athletes ready to work.
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  1. Defense Wins Championships
    We believe in the motto defense wins championships. Here is one of the workouts where we focus on developing our defensive fundamentals.
  2. Wiz Kids vs And1 Legendz
    Check out some footage from a Wiz Kids fundraising event, when they squared off against some of the Legends of AND1 streetball.